Fox News: Story Hoarder?

As if we needed any reminding, the American news media has become a full partner to government ideals and so too, the official lexicon. Even the self-avowed truth tellers, Fox News, plays the game along with their presumed opposites, the liberals.

One example can be found at Fox News via an AOL News link to a story about a woman who was found dead in her home after being reported missing.

Las Vegas Hoarder Found Dead in Her Cluttered Possessions

– AOL News via Fox News

[Excerpt] A Las Vegas woman who had been missing for four months was found buried beneath a mountain of garbage and clutter in her own home.

Family friends told the Las Vegas Review Journal that Billie Jean was a compulsive hoarder, with a passion for shopping for trinkets and clothes. One friend said that Billie Jean referred to the room where she was found as “her rabbit hole.”

Sari Connolly, a friend of’ Billie Jean’s, said she had become so obsessive in her hoarding that she kept people out of her home, even refusing to let them use the bathroom.

In this case, the key word is ‘hoarder’ which, along with others like ‘sustainable’, is the hallmark of progressive Democrats and the Obama administration. It is meant to be a ID tag that is then pinned to someone to convey negativity.

In socialist doctrine, anyone who has more than they immediately require to live, is a hoarder and is therefore looked down upon, ridiculed and in some instances, considered a criminal.

So, next time you hear Fox News claiming to be the good guys, understand that they are part of the same corporate media that answers to whoever is pulling their strings on Capital Hill or Wall Street. That this story contained those identifiers was not enough to prevent them from offering the link.

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Badu’s Bad Behavior at the Dealey

The name John F. Kennedy evokes a lot of emotions from a lot of people. Even after all these years, there are those who love him and those who hate him enough to spit on his grave. But that’s politics. Like a cancer, it creeps through us until we no longer represent an individual, but a worthless concept.

That’s also another story for another time.

So, what about this Erykah Badu and why did she strip nekked along Dealey Plaza?

“I thought it was a move for women and men and children who feel they weren’t good enough…”

What’s that again?

“This is just me. I’m good enough. I felt it was important enough to do. More pros than cons.”

That made about as much sense as a Rod Blagojevich press conference. If Ms. Badu’s performance was anything at all, it was solely about her.

And should we really be surprised? What passes for entertainment today also rides the coattails of a self-centered, faux culturalism that has no purpose except as an excuse for poor behavior.

Further Reading:

Erykah Badu Pays Fine For ‘Window Seat’ Video

* * *

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Expect to be Kicked to the Curb

There are two stories to be told here, one being of banks that gladly suckle from the public’s nipple and the same public that does nothing to wean them of the habit.

Case in point? Regions Bank and a sign we recently saw plastered in the window of one of their offices that suggested that it was time for us to ‘expect more’.

How quaint. But expecting and getting being two entirely different things, we should not be surprised that one’s expectations here are to be left empty. Walking into the bank and expecting anything more than a superficial courtesy, is a fool’s errand.

Oh, did you run out of checks and need a few counter versions to tide you over until your order is delivered? Not here. Not from Regions. Don’t expect that kind of more you silly goose!

Make a deposit on Saturday and expect that money to be available the following Monday? Not a chance. It may be there come midnight… as in 12:00 o’clock am Tuesday morning.

Maybe… but don’t expect that either or you may conveniently bounce something.

Of course, had that been an incoming debit, it would have been posted immediately. You may indeed expect that much. Please feel free, by all means.

US tax dollars went to saving banks and brokers nationwide. Even those who did not take direct government bailout money enjoyed many of the perks that were available from the program.

How do they thank you, the taxpayer… you, the consumer, without whom they would not even have a job?

What do you really expect? More?

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